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OUTSIDE-IN Perspective


What do new visitors really think about your services?


Workshops & Seminars


How is your team's health? How is your team growing?




A place to find some helpful resources for your church and/or ministry.


"Dan is a thoughtful and thorough trouble-shooter.  He is committed and will work with you until the issue is resolved. His attention to detail and willingness to step out of the box, make him a good problem solver."


Brian Griswold

Pastor, Psychotherapist

"Dan has a sincere heart for the Lord and for people. He is a born again leader, gives great attention to detail and is very meticulous. He's a natural! Dan uses the gifts and talents that God has given him to the fullest! Any organization, whether church or business, would benefit from Dan's wisdom and experience."


Marc D'Anna

CEO, D'Anna Printing & Promotionals, Inc.


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