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Our Mission...




We are given the instruction by Jesus to "Love your neighbor as yourself." 


Over the years a passion has overwhelmed my heart regarding our horizontal relationships with each other. To build healthy relationships is our MAIN mission. Through leadership development, finding and developing volunteers and/or staff, outreach planning, conflict management, encouraging unity (not uniformity), team-building, and others (see Services page) - our sole purpose is to encourage, strengthen, and help build healthy relationships in order to fulfill Jesus' instruction, be a light to our communities and bring God's people together.  


If we live every day with intention, our relationships take on an entirely new perspective. It becomes more about how we give than to how much we receive. It becomes more about others, and less about ourselves. 


We desire to show others how to remove as many obstacles as possible in our relationships to show the world that God loves them. 


~ Dan Chrystal - Founder and Co-Director


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