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Workshops & Seminars


Hands-on training - Applying practical principles to be productive for the Kingdom.


Some examples of Workshops we can provide are:


1. You Want Me to Do What? - On serving others outside the church. Volunteer and/or Staff training on practical ways to ensure those who come in from outside the church can feel welcome as you present Christ through your actions

2. How to Deal With Manipulative People - How do you spot a manipulator? How can you avoid being manipulated? Can someone really be that crafty...on purpose?

3. Teamwork: Not Just Another Cliche - Team-building workshop that will encourage your team toward more cohesive and collaborative effort

4. Don't Underestimate the Power of the Volunteer - How to best utilize volunteers, matching gifts and talents to tasks, keeping volunteers from burning out, appreciation, scheduling, reminders, etc.

5. Conflict Management - Teaching on recognizing the steps to conflict, how to work through conflict, understanding your tendency during conflict, and more

6. Change: Inevitable, but Necessary - Guiding and leading through change, steps to bring people along through the change, encouraging others when change happens

7. Every Church NEEDS Entrepreneurs - Tapping in to the potential of the Entrepreneur, whether for fund-raising, starting new ministries, or reaching out to the community or marketplace


We can work with you on setting up other Workshops/Seminars and can do several during a retreat.  


Contact Us to discuss these or other Workshops/Seminars.

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