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Evolve Your Leadership

Leadership Training International (LTI)


Dan is a Start-Up Mobile Advanced Trainer for LTI. His passion to see the local church thrive is based in his desire to see emerging leaders and current leaders develop the gifts God has placed in their care.  The LTI system (explanation video below) is by far one of the best systems for churches and their leaders/emerging leaders.  Take some time and view the videos on this page that provide more information on LTI, the LTI system and becoming a Certified Training Institute for LTI.  


Contact Dan to set up an appointment to discuss your church becoming a Certified Training Institute, the benefits of LTI for your church and to discover how LTI can best fit your church's vision for your community.  

What is the LTI System (TM)? 


* The LTI System (TM) is the name of LTI's training method. It is an integrated three part method that produces highly effective training results. 

* The LTI System (TM) provides your own church-based or non-profit leadership institute or serves as a portion of a college-based degree program.


The LTI System (TM) includes three components: 


1. Curriculum - the 12-module LTI training curriculum.

2. Certification - Certification for Instructors (Certified Training Seminar)

3. Client Support - Implementation Workshop, plus ongoing Client Support.


See diagram to the right. Also to find out more on the three components, click on the links above.  

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