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Services - How can we facilitate healthy relationships? 


Many years ago, a realization gripped my thought process - every church matters to God. Every church needs attention. Every pastor needs relationship. Every pastor needs resources at their disposal to help them fulfill the vision and mission God has placed on their heart for their community. There are many places one can go to obtain these resources. 


Below are several ways we can assist you in facilitating your vision and mission...

A lot goes on behind the scenes to make a service successful every week. You may have some feedback from your visitors on the connect cards you hand out, and that is great! You may hear, "I felt so welcomed," or "Everyone was so friendly!"  

However, you may not hear ALL of the feedback, positive OR negative. 

We can provide an "Outside-In" Perspective. We will come to one of your services and provide a report to you about our experience, share what was positive and suggest some areas of discussion for your leadership.

Click HERE to find out more.

Building your team to strengthen the CORE of the vision God has given you for your church and community.


We offer team building workshops, retreats, and will come to your church to make it convenient for your volunteers and/or staff.  


Having someone come in and feed encouragement, inspiration and team-spirit into your volunteers and/or staff will reinforce what you have been communicating.  


Click HERE to schedule a workshop, retreat, or team-building event.

Foundations for current and emerging leaders within your church and community. 


Dan is a mobile advanced trainer for Leadership Training International - which is being used all over the world. The global vision of LTI is to...

1. Train and multiply skilled ministry leaders

2. Teach Godly character and leadership capability

3. Help complete the Great Commission

(Find out more about LTI HERE)


Contact Us to inquire about getting set up as a Certified Training Site 

Encouraging the local church to look beyond their walls - to connect with the community - and become the GO-TO organization in that community.


In many ways, this focuses on outreach planning. We have resources that will not only be a catalyst for those in your church to share Christ, but will connect your church to businesses in your community. 


We would love an opportunity to share these resources with you. Contact Us here to find out more.

Position your finances to support your vision. If your budget doesn't reflect the vision God has given you for your church and community - you will not reach your goals. 


Dan has over 20 years experience in budgeting and budget analysis. 


Contact Us and set up an appointment to discuss this option.

Aligning ALL your communications to clarify your message.


Through a couple visits to your services and analyzing your print and online material, we can provide a written assessment on whether there is continuity in your message. 


If there is a disconnect, the message of the Gospel and what you are trying to communicate about your church can get muddled. 


Contact Us to set up an appointment.

Workshops & Seminars

Hands-on training - Applying practical principles to be productive for the Kingdom.


Some examples of Workshops we can provide are:


1. You Want Me to Do What? - On serving others outside the church. Practical ways to ensure those who come in from outside the church can feel welcome as you present Christ through your actions

2. How to Deal With Manipulative People - How do you spot a manipulator? How can you avoid being manipulated? Can someone really be that crafty...on purpose?

3. Teamwork: Not Just Another Cliche - Team-building workshop that will encourage your team toward more cohesive and collaborative effort

4. Don't Underestimate the Power of the Volunteer - How to best utilize volunteers, matching gifts and talents to tasks, keeping volunteers from burning out, appreciation

5. Conflict Management - Teaching on recognizing the steps to conflict, how to work through conflict, understanding your tendency during conflict, and more

6. Change: Inevitable, but Necessary - Guiding and leading through change, steps to bring people along through the change, encouraging others when change happens

7. Every Church NEEDS Entrepreneurs - Tapping in to the potential of the Entrepreneur, whether for fund-raising, starting new ministries, or reaching out to the community or marketplace


We can work with you on setting up other Workshops/Seminars and can do several during a retreat.  Contact Us to discuss these or other Workshops/Seminars.

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