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Aligning ALL your communications to clarify your message.


Through a couple visits to your services and analyzing your print and online material, we can provide a written assessment on whether there is continuity in your message. If there is a disconnect, the message of the Gospel and what you are trying to communicate about your church can get muddled. 


As you may already know in marketing, this is called "Branding". In the realm of church, it is much more than that. The vision you have for your church and community can be portrayed through your print and online material, as well as what you project on a Sunday morning AND any banners or decor you set up around your building.  


Are the volunteers adequately representing what that vision is? What the church stands for? Continuity is so important. People, whether they are believers or not can see discrepancies in communications. Our goal is to assist in removing any distractions so the message of the Gospel can be exemplified, heard and responded to! 


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