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Prospect Your Services


Leave no stone unturned...


A lot goes on behind the scenes to make a service successful every week. You may have some feedback from your visitors on the connect cards you hand out, and that is great! You may hear, "I felt so welcomed," or "Everyone was so friendly!" or "I loved the singing / sermon!" For the most part, you may not hear ALL of the feedback, positive OR negative. 


The questions I would like to ask are...


What do your visitors really think of your services?

How are your volunteers doing on Sunday mornings?

What does the flow of your service communicate? 

What is the "feel" that is exemplified by the service as a whole?


It can be valuable to hear what visitors think. Sometimes we may not realize what is in our blind spots for our services.  You cannot be every where at one time to make sure all is running according to planned.  This perspective is meant to bring into focus what an outsider may see, feel, hear, and experience.  Are there distractions that take the focus off of the service? 


Dan has an insider's perspective on what makes a service tick


We offer an Outside-In Perspective. Like a Cash Balance sheet in Accounting, consider this a "snapshot" of your weekly services. We will come to one of your services. provide a report to you about our experience, share what was positive and suggest some areas of discussion for your leadership based on the background and practical knowledge of weekly operations that go in to "making" a service happen.


Sometimes it can be difficult to see what may need to be adjusted to remove distractions because we are so close to the church and the service.  Prospecting your services can be a great way of even pointing out what you as the pastor have been trying to adjust.  With over 20 years experience in multiple roles in churches of many sizes, we can provide an in-depth review of what we see, feel, hear, and observe for the sole purpose of helping the church remove unlikely distractions that could deter from the message of the gospel being heard. 


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